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Govtrackr.org is maintained by InLinks Optimization LTD, a company specializing in the semantic analysis of online content.

It’s a non-profit project with the objective of facilitating the analysis and understanding of political discourse. For this reason, you will not find any advertising on the site. The use of cookies is reduced to a strict minimum and is only intended for the analysis of the performance of the site.


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Director of publication: Frédéric LAURENT (@semanticmarker on Twitter)


Govtrackr data are hosted in France by PLANETHOSTER inc, 4416 Louis B. Mayer, Laval (Québec) H7P 0G1, Canada

How the site works

The initial data of the publications are collected every day by means of the Twitter programming interface, for all the Twitter accounts registered in the tool.

These publications are then analysed using Inlinks technology to identify the themes they contain and sort these themes according to their respective category (politics, economy, health, etc.).

About the data and information displayed on the site:

Start date of data processing: 18th of november, 2021

Number of Twitter accounts analysed: 1734

Number of publications reviewed to date: 2080455

Total number of topics identified in the publications: 4957737